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We are a family owned and operated wholesale brand where every one of our kitchen comfort products is infused with extraordinary flavour or fragrance, a love for what we do, and a good dash of South African spirit.

Fill your shelves with our farm-fresh olive oils and lively spices that brighten up any dish. Or stock up on some sticky onion marmalades and perfectly tangy mustards for those times when you just need that extra bit of something. Looking for something (other than food) to make your home smell lovely? Add a diffuser and Luxury Guest Amenities hand wash in one of our signature scents to your bathroom or light a scented candle in your living room to set the mood for a cosy evening in.

Classy Kitchen is for you gourmands and entertainers who believe that food not only nourishes the body, but also the soul. It’s for those who love to make people feel at home, who cherish the special moments when friends and family are gathered around the table, sharing dishes laced with tradition and memories, and recipes inspired by the yellowed pages of your grandmother’s beloved cookbook. There’s no greater bond than food and we’re here to help make that happen, one chili paste and curry powder at a time.

When you buy from us, you’re not only supporting a proudly South African company, but an entire local community that works together to carefully create these kitchen comforts. We’ve spent over a decade producing, refining our business, and building lifetime relationships with clients, suppliers, and staff alike.

All of our products are produced in small batches at our factory in Kwazulu-Natal, which means there’s a depth of flavour and a homemade touch that you just won’t find in mass produced bottles and jars. We’re proud of our line of oils, pastes, powders, and herb rubs (we use them in our own kitchens every day!), as well as our original Luxury Guest Amenities home fragrances, and we’re certain you’ll fall in love with them, too.


Kyknet Video

Featured on Kyknet KWELA

 "Johnny leer seepmaak by die SCHOEMANS se familiefabriek." Kyknet KWELA (Channel 144 DSTV) in New Hanover, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. A big thank you to Kyknet KWELA for this amazing opportunity. The Bed Bath Body Dream Team hopes this brings you inspiration for the incredible possibilites in South Africa. Follow along on their social media for more : Instagram Facebook Twitter

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