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“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” – James Beard

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The first thing you need to know is that this is more than just a kitchen + body care product line. It is an extension of my family – The Schoemans now Ortmanns too, inspired by candlelit dinners filled with the sounds of laughter, silverware clinking against plates, the splashes of wine freely being poured into glasses, and satisfied murmurs as the last bits of dessert are scraped from bowls. There’s no greater bond than food and we’re here to help make that happen, one wholegrain mustard and jar filled with spices + herbs at a time. 

Classy Kitchen was started by Lisa Ortmann in 2017 an avid food lover who always loved entertaining and welcoming people into her home. She has a passion for extracting every last bit of flavour from all that life has to offer. Proudly plant based, preservative free and made in New Hanover, KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. Nestled between a beautiful big eucalyptus forest and an empty building dating back to the early 1900’s.

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With Classy Kitchen the goal is to create a full sensory experience by making sure that you and your loved ones are surrounded by wonderful aromas (in the kitchen and out) and mouthwatering tastes. This joie de vivre (a wonderful French phrase that literally translates to “joy of living”) runs through our veins and it is an innate part what Classy Kitchen is about.


We produce and sell solely in South Africa, employ people in our communities, and source locally.  

Our products are free of unnecessary preservatives and ingredients in an effort to keep everything as natural as possible.

We’re not trying to compete with the big brands. Our pride is in small batch production that allows us to adhere to strict quality control and make sure that we’re consistently meeting our high standards every single time.

We’re fully supportive of Fair Trade and only markup just enough to cover our costs and bring in a small profit. Our goal is to make our handcrafted goods accessible to as many people as possible and one way to accomplish that is by offering them at fair and ethical prices

The brand was born from humble beginnings and the strong bonding element of food. We want your face to light up with surprise and delight as one of our packed-with-flavour pastes hits your tongue for the first time. The same goes for our signature scents as you walk from one room to another. And we want you to share that same feel-good feeling with the people in your life.



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